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May I take this opportunity to introduce you to Woodhall; My name is Ms Rosser and I am lucky enough to be head of this fantastic House.

Woodhall is named after the famous Telford sportsman, Richie Woodhall. He is a former English boxer who held the WBC super middleweight title. He took the Bronze medal at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul and won the 1990 Commonwealth Games. Since retiring, he has followed a career in broadcasting with the BBC and Sky Sports. He has recently established his own charity, “Fight For Change”, that uses the sport of boxing in inner cities and socially excluded communities to engage young people in positive activities. Richie grew up in Telford on the Woodside estate, attending the Abraham Darby School from 1979-1984.

Richie was renowned for his hard work, teamwork and ‘above and beyond’ spirit. These are the three values that Woodhall house is built upon. Whether solving murder mysteries, designing Christmas cards or playing house netball or rugby I would always expect you to demonstrate these pillars of the house values when taking part in any activity. “Acta non verba”, which translates into actions not words, is the motto of Woodhall House. We want Woodhall House students to use their initiative and take part in all activities to the best of their ability.

In the coming years, we will be looking for Woodhall House to build upon its past successes and students to play a vital role in shaping its identity and ethos. Senior students take a more central role in the organistaion and day to day running of Houses, whether this be leading assemblies, chairing student councils or implementing new initiatives.

We want to make your time in Woodhall as enjoyable and successful as possible, both through competition and providing opportunities for personal growth. Our main expectation from all students in Woodhall House is that you take part to the best of your ability. Of course we’d all love to win the competitions but we also need you to focus on becoming the best student that you’re capable of becoming.

Remember, alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!

      Ms Alison Rosser
Head of Woodhall House

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