Non-Uniform Day – Friday 15th July 2016

Non-Uniform Day – Friday 15th July 2016

There will be non-uniform day on Friday 15th July to raise money for the K12 Challenge.

The name K12 Challenge stands for… Kids with 12 months to complete their Challenge.

The idea is for groups of children to take on as many different sporting challenges as possible, to help raise money for charity.  This year, the K12 challenge has chosen to raise money for a local Riding for the Disabled Centre and all schools have been asked to get involved.

Students will be asked to donate £1 and the funds raised will go towards this worthwhile local cause.

The students at the Academy have raised high amounts of money this year for many worthwhile causes through cake sales, raffles, fun runs etc. This will be the final fund raising event of the year.  We are very proud of the achievements of our students.

If you would like more information on the K12 Challenge and the tremendous work they do to raise money for charity please visit their website http://www.k12challenge.co.uk

Thank you for your continued support.

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