Brodie’s Blog- South Africa Tour 2017

Brodie’s Blog- South Africa Tour 2017

Day 2:

Today started at 8am local where we enjoyed a full breakfast, and several people with fines for lateness after that we enjoyed a tour of the facilities before going off to the pitch for a quick session of training for the match in the afternoon. After the quick session we had lunch before heading of to Stellenbosch High School where we had a competitive match against a good side and an excellent view of Hottentot Mountains. However, despite our best efforts the result was a loss, with a score of 35-22 to Stellenbosch. After the game we had a ‘boerwors’ with the other side before heading back to the university to enjoy  a  swim in the freezing cold recovery pool where only one individual (EA!) refused to get in.  Then another nice meal as we now prepare for a game of pool .


Day 1:

Our day started with a seemingly gentle 4pm meet where we drove to Birmingham airport for our 9pm flight. There was a lot of worry all round regarding luggage weight but we all got through fine. Although  we got held up with the detectors where Jackson and Tiger got frisked for contraband, fortunately nothing was found! We flew done to Dubai on a A380, a humongous bird with plenty of space and most importantly an updated entertainment system and TV on the back of every seat, where we enjoyed films (speaking of which, ‘Boss Baby’ is hilarious) and an interesting round of Trivia where, of course, I was consistently the winner. The flight was 6 hours long and the only thing most of us had had before was an overpriced Burger King so the inflight food was a welcome sight; the choices were either chicken in a mushroom sauce or some beef and horseradish. Both, I’m told, were nice but the true money winner was a sublime, succulent, scrumptious (alliteration for the English teachers) berry crumble with a light creamy custard. We landed in Dubai at about 7am local, 4am GMT and Dubai airport is nothing compared to Birmingham and Heathrow the duty free area is divided in to 2 halves of mammoth proportion on 3 floors with a central waterfall from the top of the floors to the bottom that has a length over that of a rugby half-way line. Now, by this point we were fairly used to hot weather. The plane over was particularly cool but it was nothing compared to Dubai where the morning temperature was 38 degrees centigrade! Boiling! However there was a nice trade off when we hopped into a Boeing 777 where the plane was much cooler. I’ve also now learned that any Trivia game before 2003, I’m not particularly good at. This time the flight was nine hours and we arrived in freezing Cape Town under cover of night at 7pm local. Upon arriving we hustled off to Stellenbosch University and enjoyed a massive meal before heading to bed ready for the day ahead.


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