Sixth Form Front Team

Sixth Form Front Team


Student Leadership is an important part of the ethos at Abraham Darby Academy and we look to all Sixth Form students to provide role models for younger students. To lead the Sixth Form student body is a real privilege and one that is hotly contested each year. Positions are filled following student applications and a round of formal interviews.

Head Boy & Girl 2016

Head Boy: Zak HughesĀ  Head Girl: Abbie Brown

Darwin Front of House Team 2016-2017

Darwin (front team)

Suzette Yeboah, Jenny Ballinger & Zoe Owens

Webb Front of House Team 2016-2017

Webb (front team)

Gurvinder Bhakar, Nerys Howes, Holly Rowland, Kristy Hart & Georgia Barrett

Woodhall Front of House Team 2016-2017

Woodhall (front team -1)

Franco Fabregas & Caroline Perks

Owen Front of House Team 2016-2017

Owen (front team)

Ben Clarke & Nicola Olver

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