Owen House

Owen House

Owen House is named after Wilfred Owen, one of Shropshire’s most famous sons. He was an officer in WW1 and led his men bravely into battle on several occasions. However, his real talent was with words! He was the most amazing poet and managed to capture just how horrible the war was in dozens of poems that he wrote on the subject. His poems are now known all over the world and are often read out on Remembrance Day each year. His life gives us our House motto and identity: Terminatio Ductus, Fortitudo.

TERMINATIO’ means DETERMINATION. We are looking for Owen House pupils to develop and show determination. There will be a range of challenges throughout their time at the Academy and we hope to see Owen House pupils persevere towards difficult goals despite the obstacles they may face. Some of the challenges will include the interhouse competitions and activities they are asked to compete in and represent their house. This will allow every Owen House pupil to shine, even at things they might not think they are good at.

DUCTUS’ means LEADERSHIP. We want Owen House pupils to aspire to become inspirational leaders and to set an example to other pupils. There are a variety of leadership positions within the House and Owen House pupils should look to fill them, taking on more responsibilities as they progress through the years. Older pupils will be an integral part of the house system, being role models and acting as older brothers and sisters to younger pupils with our house, as we are a family! Pupils will develop their leadership skills through a range of opportunities, these include; leading assemblies, projects, organising interhouse teams and peer academic work.

FORTITUDO’ means COURAGE. Pupils often have tough decisions to make, especially when facing peer pressure. We are looking for Owen House pupils to have the courage to make the right decisions. This might mean standing up for other people, refusing to be led into negative situations or having the courage to enter competitions in which they perform in front of their peers.

Celebrating success is a key aspect within the House! Owen House pupils will be recognised for their achievements and efforts in academic work, attendance, behaviour, participation in interhouse competitions, personal achievements or simply going that extra mile.

In the next academic year, we will be looking for Owen House to build on past successes and to target certain areas for improvement. The motto for OWEN House is ♯OWNIT. This is at the heart of everything we do as a House, we thrive for Owen House pupils to be the best in everything they do personally, academically, extra curricular and interhouse competitions. We expect Owen House pupils to go above and beyond so they stand out from the rest.

As a result we will build OWEN House pupils to be an impressive and employable person. We want Owen House pupils to OWN the stage wherever that may be!!! ♯OWNIT

Keep up to date with Owen House news, up and coming events and achievements on twitter @adaowenhouse.

Work Hard and Dream Big!!!

Miss Kerenza Knowles

Head of Owen House


 Miss Aimee Treble

Deputy Head of House


 Mrs Vicki Boy

Deputy Head of House




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