Ofsted & Performance Data

Ofsted & Performance Data

Ofsted Inspections

Since the Academy came into being in 2008 Ofsted have conducted two inspections and one ‘desktop’ exercise.

The first of the inspections was a Section 8 Monitoring inspection, which all new academies are subject to. The main finding was:

“The academy has made satisfactory progress towards raising standards.”

You can download  a copy of the Section 8 report here: section 8 Jun 2010

The next full inspection was undertaken in May 2011 under Section 5 of the Education Act. The published report opens with the following:

“Since opening, Abraham Darby Academy has made good progress.
Students enjoy good outcomes in their achievement,
behaviour, the contribution that they make to the community
and the extent to which they feel safe. 
These improvements, particularly since the monitoring inspection in May 2010,
suggest a good capacity for further sustained improvement.”

 You can download the full report here: Ofsted 2011 Report


Most recently, The Academy was the subject of an Interim Assessment, where data is analysed without an inspection visit taking place. We were delighted to receive a letter from Ofsted that recognises the continued hard work of all pupils and staff and the excellent levels of support offered to pupils by their parents.

” As you may know, during its last inspection in May 2011, Ofsted inspectors judged your child’s school to be good….
I am pleased to inform you that the interim assessment of your child’s school indicates that the school’s performance has been sustained.
As a result, the next full inspection will not take place before the summer term 2015.”

interim March 2014

The next full inspection was undertaken in June 2015 under Section 5 of the Education Act. The published report contains the following:

“An ethos of high expectations permeates everything that the academy does and creates an environment where students work hard, behave well and develop into rounded young people”

You can download the full report here: Ofsted 2015 Report

Performance Data (League tables)

The Academy features in the School Performance League Tables, a government measure to compare data from one to school another. You can find the Academy’s data on the Ofsted Data Dashboard website .

Examination results for the 2016-17 examination period can be found here –> examination results 

The impact of our Pupil Premium programme can be found here –> Pupil Premium

Details of our Catch-Up Premium programme can be found here –> Catch-Up Premium

Our Fresh Start literacy intervention programme can be found here–> literacy intervention

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