House System

House System

The Houses in the Academy House system have been named to reflect local personalities across a range of disciplines. They are:

Darwin House – Head of House Mr Adam Fortune (APF)  
Darwin Charles Darwin, the world renowned scientist best known for his work ‘On the Origin of Species’. He was born in Shrewsbury on 12th February, 1809. From 1831-1836 he sailed aboard the HMS Beagle. Go to http://www.nhm.ac.uk/nature-online/science-of-natural-history/biographies/charles-darwin/ for more information and an interactive explanation of his famous voyage.CLICK HERE to go to the Darwin House page
Owen House – Head of House Miss Kerenza Knowles (KBK)  
Wilfred Owen Wilfred Owen (1893-1918) who was born in Oswestry on the Welsh borders, and brought up in Birkenhead and Shrewsbury – is widely recognised as one of the greatest voices of the First World War. At the time of his death he was virtually unknown – only four of his poems were published during his lifetime – but he had always been determined to be a poet, and had experimented with verse from an early age. See http://www.wilfredowen.org.uk/ for more information.CLICK HERE to go to the OWEN House page
Webb House – Head of House Miss Emma Owen (EMO)  
 marywebb Mary Webb was born Gladys Mary Meredith on March 25th 1881 at Leighton Lodge, Leighton, a village south of Shrewsbury. She went on to write both poetry and novels in a romantic style. More information can be found at http://marywebb.orgCLICK HERE to go to the WEBB House page
Woodhall House – Head of House Mrs Alison Rosser  
 Richie Woodhall Richie Woodhall grew up on the Woodside estate, across the road from the Academy, and joined the amateur boxing club situated there, aged just 7. He went on to have 110 contests including 43 internationals representing England and GB. Richie is in fact an ‘old boy’ having attended Abraham Darby School. See http://www.richiewoodhall.comCLICK HERE to go to the WOODHALL House page
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