At Abraham Darby we believe that homework enhances pupil achievement and progress by reinforcing classwork and consolidating learning. It is vital for developing pupils’ study skills and independent learning ability and as such is an integral part of the curriculum.

Homework will be set by all subjects on a weekly/ two weekly basis (some subjects are only taught once every two weeks). Homework may take the form of written tasks, extended projects over a number of weeks, research tasks, revision or assessment pieces; on average homework will take between 30 and 60 minutes per subject. This year we are introducing Knowledge Organisers for Y7-Y10 pupils as part of the homework routine. More details about Knowledge Organisers and the organisers themselves can be found here.

As your child moves up through the school the length and the complexity of homework will increase, with sixth formers completing a minimum of one to two hours a night on homework, revision or wider reading.

When parents and the school work together in partnership, children perform better. We feel that parents have a key role to play in ensuring that homework is completed to the best of their child’s ability. Demonstrating an interest in, and discussing their homework with them, helps children recognise and value learning as a lifelong process.

Parents are encouraged to provide practical support for homework by:

  • Establishing a routine whereby homework is given a recognized place in home life
  • Discussing homework with the young person regularly,
  • Checking and signing the student planner and homework issued when required
  • Providing an appropriate place where study can be undertaken.

We recognise that not all homework will be completed at home; in fact some pupils lack the necessary resources (books and computers) more readily available at school, so it is possible for pupils to complete homework in the Academy Learning Resource Centre after the school day if required.

Due to the complexity of the school timetable it is impossible to produce an easy to read homework timetable for individual pupils, however all pupils should have been told when their homework will be set and collected on a two weekly cycle.

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