Fresh Start Literacy Programme

Fresh Start Literacy Programme

Fresh Start class

Fresh Start is a rapid ‘learn to read’ programme, which aims to ensure that children who are or have been struggling to acquire fluent reading are taught this skill as quickly as possible.

The programme also addresses comprehension, spelling and writing skills to ensure that all children can understand what they read and express their thoughts in their own writing.

Pupils who join the Academy in Y7 with <NC4 or equivalence in reading are automatically enrolled on the programme so that we can help them to close this gap.

The scheme is now in its fifth year.

The results of our 2014-2017 cohorts are detailed below.


 2014 – 2015 Upon Entry in Y7 At the end of Y7 Change
Average Reading Age 8 years 9 months 10 years and 3 months +18 months
Average Spelling Age 8 years 0 months 9 years and 3months +15 months


 2015 – 2016 Upon entry into Y7 At the end of Y7 Change
Average Reading Age 8 years and 9 months 10 years and 1 month +16 months
Average Spelling Age 6 years and 6 months 9 years 11 months +41 months

One stand out ‘star’ pupil improved his reading age by +55 months during the 12 month time frame. A second ‘star’ pupils boosted his spelling age by +111 months during the 12 month time frame.

Reading and Spelling are a priority for all academy pupils. Our 73 Pupil Premium pupils improved their spelling ages by an average of +45 months, compared with an average of +29 months achieved by their 104 Non Pupil Premium counterparts. In terms of reading ages the average gain for all NPP pupils was +24 months in a 12 month time frame, allowing them to steal a slight lead on our PP pupils, who gained +20 months.

 2016-2017 Upon entry in Y7   At the end of Y7 change
 Average Reading Age  10 years 3 months    
 Average Spelling Age  11 years 3 months    


We have also started an equivalent numeracy scheme, ‘Passport to Maths’ with 20 of our Maths pupils, 17 of whom joined the Academy with <NC4 or equivalence.


 2016 – 2017  Number of pupils  Progress (Dec) Progress (Apr)  Progress (Jul) 
 NC Level 1b  2  making > exp progress    
 NC Level 2b  1  100% making exp progress    
 NC Level 3c  5  100% making > exp progress    
 NC Level 3b  4  75% making at least expected progress    
 NC Level 3a  5  100% making expected progress,

40% making >exp progress



Of the 20 pupils following Passport to Maths, 8 are Pupil Premium, 12 are non pupil premium. Their progress is charted below.

 2016 – 2017 Pupil Premium  Non Pupil Premium  PP – NPP difference 
 % making at least expected progress  100  92  +8
 % making > expected progress  75  67  +8
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