Each year the examination boards publish information for candidates. This includes how they should conduct themselves in examinations sessions and how controlled assessments and coursework must be undertaken. If there is anything that you find unclear, or need additional guidance on, then please contact the Academy. Our next Exam week will be from the 13th March 2017 until the 16th March 2017.

Please find below a link to each year group with relevant revision material to prepare your child for their upcoming exams. Click on the link for each year and a list of subjects with revision material will appear.


Guidance & Information from Exam Boards

Please find below a list of documents that exam boards make public to Candidates to help familiarize themselves with the whole exam process.


Controlled Assessments

Social Media

Privacy Notice

On Screen Tests

Non Examination Assessments


Written Examinations

No Mobile Phone

Warning to Candidates

Handbooks for Parents/Carers 2016/2017

Handbook for Pupils 2016/2017



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