Community Works

Community Works

Primary Transition

Abraham Darby Academy is the central hub of our local community. Families have attended Abraham Darby Academy, previously Abraham Darby School, for many generations, and it has always been a wonderful place full of inspiring teachers and enthusiastic pupils. We offer so much more than examination results and, with our focus being on providing an outstanding all-round education; our pupils achieve excellent outcomes outside as well as inside the classroom.

In order to build on our community relationships, I have been working closely with some of our more local primary schools. We have been able to offer a wide range of programmes and projects enable students to experience secondary school life early on, thus building confidence for when the time comes to progress to Year 7.




Year 5 pupils from Coalbrookdale Primary School and John Fletcher of Madeley Primary School have taken part in a series of lessons centered around Solutions. Pupils were able to identify properties of solids, liquids and gases, explain changes of state and investigate dissolving. They were able to use specialist lab equipment, including Bunsen burners (which were very exciting!). Miss Goodier, Mrs Duggan and Mr Simcox were fab!




Year 5 pupils at Coalbrookdale Primary School and John Fletcher of Madeley Primary School were involved in a series of French lessons and very quickly learned lots of vocabulary and became quite fluent in some areas! They loved it Miss Hutton, Miss Taylor and Miss Crofts.



_DSC6109Year 12 Students have been leading a series of music lessons to Year 5 pupils from William Reynolds Primary School, Woodlands Primary School and Sir Alexander Fleming Primary School. They have learned about rhythm using our state of the art percussion instruments, they tried out brass and woodwind instruments, they learned about pitch using the keyboards, and in the final week they created an ensemble piece. Pupils are then invited to sign up for music lessons at Saturday Music College. Thank you year 12!



Pupils from Coalbrookdale Primary School and John Fletcher of Madeley Primary School were able to come into our Art department and create a fantastic piece based on Vincent Van Gough’s “Sunflowers” painting. Miss Owen did a fantastic job!





In the summer term our Maths department offers a programme of lessons to a group of our most able year 5 pupils. Subjects covered were Loci, Pythagoras, Algebra, Maths and Science, Sequences, Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio, Maths Orienteering, making compasses and maths trails. This involved a variety of fun activities which took place inside and outside on the playground!


Pupils from Woodlands Primary School arranged to have their after-school Drama club at Abraham Darby Academy during the Autumn term. Miss Whelan did a great job and coached them for a whole term and they were able to perform the piece at the Christmas Fayre in December.


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