Joining Year 7

Joining Year 7

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Open Evening

At the beginning of the Autumn Term we host an Open Evening and local families are invited to come and see our Academy in action. All departments are open, with activities and demonstrations for you to get involved in. The Principal also addresses visitors with more information about the Academy. It is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the pupils and staff and find out what we are about.


Open Day


This fantastic opportunity is available to our local year 6 pupils, who are invited here for the morning to experience some lessons and activities and get a closer look at life in the Academy.

The Education Trust has a bursary to assist parents in receipt of benefits to purchase school uniforms.

Please find a link to the site here and a copy of the application letter which must be completed by downloading from here



Personal Tours

Tours for small groups are available by appointment with me and can be made during the weeks following the Open Evening. This gives families a chance to see the Academy in Action during a normal working day. Please email ad.academy@taw.org.uk to arrange this.


Time to fill in the Application form! This can be done by clicking here

March 1st – Allocated a Place?

This is an exciting time in a child’s education and we provide a comprehensive Transition Programme which enable pupils to transfer from primary school as smoothly as possible.

The Transition Programme begins the day that families find out about their child’s allocation. If your child has been allocated a place at Abraham Darby Academy, you will be contacted early in March and welcomed into the Abraham Darby Academy community.

You will be sent an Admissions Form and asked to complete and return it to the Academy as soon as possible. This lets us have all the relevant information about your child and, crucially, an email address which we will use for all future correspondence.

Support Every Step of the WayC6049F1E-7A04-4AD7-B1DD-C8C096DBA899

I will spend the next few weeks and months visiting the year 6 pupils at their Primary Schools in order to introduce myself and speak to them about the next steps of moving on to Abraham Darby Academy. It also gives the children an opportunity to ask any questions they might have and discuss thoughts and feelings on moving to secondary school.

Pupils who come from a school where there are very few who are transferring to Abraham Darby Academy are often more worried about the transfer to secondary school than those who transfer with a large number of friends. They are therefore invited into the academy for a “Getting to Know You” activity morning, where they can meet others in similar situations and start the transition process on a positive note.


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In July pupils are invited into Abraham Darby Academy for two Transition days. This allows them to experience lessons in a secondary school before they arrive and get an idea of a typical school day. They will also get to know their form mentor and other pupils who will be in the mentor groups with them. Year 9 pupils are tasked with assisting us during these days, and act as “Buddies” to the year 6 pupils, meaning they have a non-adult to help them find their feet, as well as all the staff who are to be involved in their pastoral care.




Intake Evening

Also in July is our New Intake Parents’ Evening, where year 6 pupils and their families come along to meet the mentors and to receive further information about the Academy and how we look after your children. Representatives from the school uniform provider, Baker and Sons, will also be in attendance, and always bring a range of Academy uniform which is available to purchase or order during the evening.


School Uniform

School Uniform


You may wish to purchase school uniform directly from Baker and Sons (online or at their shop in Wellington). For further information and to place orders, please visit their website.

The Education Trust has a bursary to assist parents in receipt of benefits to purchase school uniforms.

Please find a link to the site here and a copy of the application letter which must be completed and downloaded from here


Summer School

374B5F95-873A-450D-88C3-19E4502D9BCEIn order to further support the pupils, we also offer a Summer School, where year 6 pupils are able, for a small charge, to come in and take part in some exciting activities and games during the last week of the summer holidays. This enables them to feel comfortable about starting at The Academy and to get to know the building and some of the staff and other pupils a bit more.

Eventually it will be September and the pupils will be starting at the Academy! The first day is set aside for year 7 (and 12) only. This means that the Academy is able to focus support on the year 7 pupils on their first day, and any fears about getting lost etc. are allayed early on, as they easily find their way around the building and start to settle in.  CF77AD17-2609-42B3-859A-2C4538D45F2F




Community Works

Please click here to see the work we have completed with some of our more local Primary Schools.

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